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Echelon Governance

Governance Overview

The Echelon has an on-chain governance mechanism for passing text proposals, changing chain parameters, and spending funds from the community pool.

On and off-chain Governance Structure


Governance practices and decisions are communicated through different types of documents and design artifacts:
  • On-chain governance proposals
  • Architecture Decision records
  • Technical standards / specifications

Decision-making and Discussion Venues

Venues involve community members to different degrees and individuals often perform multiple roles in the Echelon and Cosmos and EVM ecosystems (validators, users, developers and core-members of Echelon Foundation). Because technical direction setting and development is almost always happening in the open, involvement from members in the extended community occurs organically.
  • Echelon Discord Soon
    • For ecosystem cross-pollination with an active developer presence.
    • 🏛│governance channel for discussing proposals, upgrades, etc.
    • 📜│proposals channel for a full list of proposals.
    • ⏫│upgrades channel for upcoming software upgrades.
  • Commonwealth Soon
    • All-in-one platform to discuss, vote, and fund projects together
    • Echelon proposals list
  • ​Telegram​
    • General Echelon Telegram group
  • ​Twitter​
    • Official Echelon Twitter